god cannot be real

2010-10-30 21:59:59 by elcriz000

so if god is ment to be "perfect", therefore he cannot discriminate, so by not letting people go into heaven when they die because they do not follow christianity is technicly discrimination, and because the bible says that god is perfect and he isn't because he discriminates against people who don't belive in him, he cannot be perfect therefore that is sufficent evidance that he is not real and he is a lie


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2010-10-30 22:01:48

also inb4 "oh snap"


2010-10-30 22:35:41

That's not discrimination. Discrimination would be not letting someone go to heaven because there black, or because they are a women, even if they believe. -Anyone- can follow Jesus, regardless of your race, gender, or age. It's simply a choice whether one decides to believe in God and if they do they go to Heaven.

I'm not saying there is a (Christian) God or the bible is correct, but your reasoning is invalid.

elcriz000 responds:

no, because he discriminates against OTHER RELIGIONS. not letting other people in somewhere BECAUSE of their relegion is discrimination.


2010-10-30 22:58:15

saying that a mass murderer or a rapist can't enter heaven isn't discrimination. it's like saying "because my school makes me show up on time, they are discriminating against me." there's just rules

elcriz000 responds:

i said people who follow different religions, i didn't even imply anything about mass murderers or rapist, learn to read properly.


2010-10-30 23:07:59

god works in mysterious ways lol


2010-10-31 10:23:15

i was working with the whole "good Christians dont murder or rape" thing, i know what you said


2011-01-04 18:43:19

and whats the point to this?


2011-04-27 19:03:15

God is everything.